Nana Buxani


Born in conflict ridden region of Mindanao in 1966, Nana Buxani is a documentary photographer, filmmaker, and painter whose work largely deals with issues such as child labor, children and women in difficult situations, children in detention, the plight of homeless people, communities in war-torn regions, the indigeous people and their claim to ancestral lands, urban poor communities, and people engaged in cooperative building.

Buxani has done both stills and moving pictures for Philippine and global organizations. She has assisted Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffiths, the esteemed photographer Sebastiao Salgado, and foreign media agencies. Her documentary film collaborations have been exhibited and won awards in film festivals.


Nature of Work

Gabriella Hirst, Hu Yun, Nana Buxani
September 3 - October 29, 2022
The exhibition traces the situations, both harsh and delicate, under which work happens. These artistic projects evoke the nature that underlies the work, whether it is the relentless wind or the precarious woods, the dust of marble that settles on a worker’s face, or writing on precious particles of staple food.