January 28 - March 18, 2023 - Warin Lab Contemporary


Curated by Remy Jarry

Known for her soft sculpture in the form of life-sized human torsos, Eri Imamura champions the aesthetics of fiber art with a Native American beading technique on vintage Kimono fabric.  

The artistic practice of Imamura has been shaped by blurring the lines between fiction and reality.  The affiliation with Manga is clearly acknowledged in her art creations. The outbreak of COVID-19 encapsulated all of us in virtual bubbles on a global scale, showing us that Manga narratives and other Science Fiction stories can become reality. In parallel, digital technologies have engendered the metaverse offering alternative bubbles to escape from our real-life frustrations. 

According to Imamura, “Our existence has become “2.5 dimensional”: halfway between a 2D virtual reality and a 3D physical reality. This shift is actually our symptomatic reaction to environmental destruction. When the physical world becomes too dangerous, we escape from it to take refuge in a surreal and perfect world. This illusional journey epitomizes the inherent weakness of human nature.” 

Specialized in Japanese weaving and dying techniques as well as Amerindian beading artistry, Imamura keeps textile and beading at the core of her artistic practice.  She transforms the Kimono textile from apparel to three-dimensional soft sculptures with rich iconography that discourse with Japanese tattoo art, Manga, Science Fiction, and other forms of popular visual culture.  

In the exhibition “Inside Manga Bubbles,” the viewers encounter numerous round mirrors on the walls as a backdrop for hanging sculptures.  The experience reflects the reality of our own image and our own ideas. This kaleidoscopic bubble stages the challenge of environmental, spiritual and psychological issues that humanity is facing.