Mary Pakinee


Mary Pakinee (Pakinee Srijaroensuk) graduated from the Visual Arts Department, School of Fine & Applied Arts, Bangkok University. Mary is an interdisciplinary artist who investigates the complexities of narrative, information consumption, and perception. She is interested in intimacy and humanity’s relationship. She uses observation-based drawing and realistic techniques to create images and representation in stories. She had a solo exhibition titled “My Hands Remember How Your Body Felt” at Bangkok University Gallery (BUG) under BrandNew Art Project 2017. She also participated in group exhibition such as “the end is now, now is here: the exploration of drawing” at SAC gallery, Bangkok in 2020 and “They Have Brought Erasers With Them” at A+ WORKS of ART Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in 2022.


Artificial Nature

Nakrob Moonmanas, Mary Pakinee
July 9 - August 27, 2022
The Waiting You Curator Lab invited Nakrob Moonmanas and Mary Pakinee, two young Thai artists, to create new works inspired by Cheewit Kong Chan Lookkrating in Warin Lab Contemporary’s exhibition space that used to be Dr. Boonsong’s office. The exhibition is an exploration into art’s role in environmental conservationism and asks questions about what has been lost in the wake of modernity.