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SOULID GROUND – ‘Stephania Suberosa’

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Light: As found in deep forest on limestone among big trees. Thus they like shading light/indirect light and a bit more rich soil than erecta. Too strong sunlight can makes their leaves getting burnt but it will produce new leaves but if the bulb getting burnt, it could be dead. Be careful Soil: Generally just prepare well drainage soil is enough.

The texture of bulb made them different from Erecta too. They have corky cracked of shell which their name comes from (in Thais means elephant’s stomach). Some bulbs have deep nice cracked which very hard to find. As I have seen mostly of bulbs are in brown, rarely seen in white (this pic). Also the colour and shape of leaves, brown caudex has more deep green leaves than white one but both are in heart shape.

Watering when the soil is dry. And water until the water drop from bottom hole.