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Highlighting the ills of pollution through art

The issue of air pollution in the northern part of Thailand is highlighted through art in “One Generation Plants The Trees, Another Gets The Shade”, which will kick off tomorrow and run until Sept 15 at Warin Lab Contemporary.

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On exhibit will be paintings, sculptures and installation art by Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon, a Chiang Mai-based artist who has earned a reputation for his abstract expressionism with outstanding compositions and colour applications.

Besides his remarkable abstract paintings whose distinctive rhythms of colours, lines, shapes and compositions have created spontaneity, aesthetics and freedom of expression, the artist incorporates his interest in scrap materials and repurposes them, giving a new meaning to these materials in his art creation.

He uses cardboard paper from air conditioner boxes to create a series of posters campaigning for the end of agricultural burning in open spaces. Through his figurative functional sculpture, he suggests that individuals can eliminate household pollution by storing dry leaves instead of burning them.

He also reminds viewers of fresh air through his landscape painting accompanied by the song Blowing In The Wind.

The exhibition’s title is taken from a Chinese proverb to shed light on a critical issue through art, created by an artist who is a victim of poor air quality himself.

Warin Lab Contemporary is located at O.P. Garden, Charoen Krung 36, and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30am to 7.30pm. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the exhibition is open by appointment only.