Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon


Born in 1959 in Pattani province, Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He obtained a bachelor’s degree (Graphic Arts) from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University in 1984, before pursuing his study in graphic arts at Akademia Sztuk Pieknych, Krakow, Poland in 1985.

Thaiwijit earns his reputation from his abstract expressionism with outstanding compositions and color applications. He loves to experiment with different materials to create a unique style of art. Thaiwijit had several group and solo exhibitions in Thailand and overseas. His artwork was part of Bangkok Art Biennale 2020 displayed at The Parq Building, Bangkok.


One Generation Plants the Trees, Another Gets the Shade

Thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon
July 15 - September 15, 2021
“One Generation Plants the Trees, Another Gets the Shade” presents a hypothesis of the root cause of the air pollution issue in the Northern part of Thailand. Inevitably, the critical issue lies in humankind’s consumption habits which cannot be resolved by art or a single person.