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10 Terrific Art Gallery Shows to Check Out in June

As the month of June arrives in Bangkok it brings with it the hope that things are (fingers crossed) slowly returning to normal. This is especially good news for gallery goers who haven’t had much to lift their spirits during the recent lockdown period.

The month of May, in 2021, will be remembered, in part, for its strict lockdown regulations, all part of Thailand’s ongoing attempt to deal with the Covid-19 global pandemic fallout. Many businesses in Bangkok were affected by the enforced closures, although some galleries in the city remained open, with by-appointment-only visits that followed strict masking and social distancing protocols. Thankfully, as things appear to be a bit more under control, more galleries will be opening their doors to visitors, and the line-up for June (and beyond) promises some very worthwhile shows; including a major international photography exhibition making a stop here in town as part of its world tour. Be advised though to double check in advance about opening hours and visiting requirements.

Warin Lab Contemporary: Until July 10

In Reincarnations III – Ecologies of Life, multidisciplinary artist Ruangsak Anuwatwimon looks at three animal species that are already extinct as a consequence of human actions. These are animals that have vanished not because of organic evolution, but because of people exploiting natural resources or manipulating history and geography for political benefits. The exhibit, curated by Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani, occupies the first floor of Warin Lab Contemporary gallery and it’s here we encounter a stylized recreation of the Bhutan Glory (a butterfly once native to the Chiang Dao mountains in northern Thailand), a fragmented, papier-mâché Japanese wolf created using manga comic illustrations, and the Schomburgk’s deer, which takes centre stage as a life-size installation made of debris found in the animals former habitat (now a residential development outside Bangkok).